Dienstag, 25. November 2014

pre-order: Couldn't See Too Clear For Edges

Ahoy peeps!

My album is now ready for pre-order at Decks, Juno Records & Phonica and as a treat for the long waiting the whole pressing will come as transparent & green vinyl !





Looking forward !


Montag, 17. November 2014

releases & remixes.

As is already announced elsewhere there are several remixes and compilation contributions coming in the next months, here are the first two of them.

Once more there is me with a track as Mount Wishmore Unlimited coming on Ferro Tape Records, this time (for the first time) on 12" vinyl with a 5 track compilation.

The official release date is 17th december and 
the pre-orders started today, so hurry up and reserve yourself a copy over here:

And then there is a remix i did for Barnaby Carter coming on Birkhouse Recordings on 12th december.

Thanks for supporting me & us
and enjoy your days and the rest of the year!


Sonntag, 16. November 2014

ashore radio #27

Here is last nights show for your listening pleasure 
(the interview part starts after around 23 minutes and my guestmix is the whole second hour).

Thanks to the drift ashore team for the invitation & thank you for listening.

Have a nice sunday.

Montag, 10. November 2014

saturday: ashore radio at reboot.fm

Ahoy peeps!

First of all, thanks loads to the ones who came down to Nachtasyl last friday, it's been a real pleasure playing & being there and enjoying a good vibe overall.

That coming saturday i'll be guest at the ashore radioshow at reboot.fm including a mix i did for them, some talking about this & that & also some tracks from the coming album and maybe some extra bits and bobs.

Tune in on saturday (15th of november) at 10 pm.



Freitag, 7. November 2014

Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

PNR 004 in the pressing plant.

So after all that happened Pluie/Noir 004 (for the ones who are not familiar with it, that's my album) is now in the pressing plant (at The Vinyl Factory), ready to be manufactured and to be finally released as soon as possible, then self-distributed by Pluie/Noir & Project London Records!

Once more thanks loads to all the people waiting and supporting us!


Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

07.11. Nachtasyl / Hamburg

Ahoy peeps!

I'm heading to Hamburg next friday to play at the lovely Nachtasyl (which is located above the Thalia Theater) so in case you're Hamburg based or just around the corner come over then.

Have a good time!